Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a cure for horn wilt?

horn wilt: the action that follows the realization that one's rawk expectation(s) will not be met.

how do i plan to cure this? well, by suppling the listener with a hearty helping of absolute no bullshit music, free of contrivance and pretension (with exceptions i.e., lou reed-y types) and coming from a place where heart/guts/"balls" trump musical skill, always. there will be no genre lines drawn, in fact i will do my best to blur these lines because my definition of what rawks and what doesn't has nothing to do with volume, riffs or velocity but with a sometimes unspeakable IT that just occurs when song and performer become unescapable from each other. songwriting doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it either since many of the greatest performances ever are re-interpretaions/covers. this is a place where johnny cash is just as welcome as the clash...where big star sits next to bad brains...where sonny sharrock collides with pylon.

in other words...just trust me...you will be rawked in one way or another!


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